7 Benefits of Using Elottery to Play Lottery Draws

7 Benefits of Using Elottery to Play Lottery Draws

Lotto 6/49 in Canada is the most played lottery game in Canada today. This lottery game was introduced in June 1982. It was the first Canadian lottery game to allow players to pick the numbers they want to play with. Prior to Lotto 6/49, those who played lottery games had to buy tickets that had printed numbers to be able to participate. Lotto 6/49 tickets cost 2 dollars when purchased from an online lottery shop.

The lottery game has earned its own place in the foundation in Canadian culture. In reality, around 15 million Canadians are playing the game on a regular basis. The traditional draw-style jackpot lotto game employs a 6/49 main matrix format. This means that to win, the player must match all six winning numbers in the pool of 49 numbers.

In addition to the option of six numbers, Canadian bettors may also go to play betting on the EXTRA alternative on Wednesdays and Saturdays if they is hoping to win $250,000 as the top prize or $100,100 as a second prize. You can also select the advance play and fast play choices.

Similar to other popular games lottery in Canada or anywhere else around the globe, Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize is rolled over drawsitus juditogel after draw in the event that it’s not claimed. This method can result in huge jackpots. In reality the lotto group game with 17 employees of the Local gas and Oil Company in Alberta was rewarded with a record of $54.3 million in the month of October 2005. At that time, lotto fever was sweeping across Canada and resulted in around a hundred purchase of lotto tickets each minute. According to estimates, two out of three Canadians have purchased lotto tickets. Amazing!

The rise in jackpots might not be possible if cost of a lotto ticket had not been raised. From a dollar, cost of a lotto ticket for 6/49 was increased to 2 dollars by June of 2004. In the wake of the increased the cost of lottery tickets the minimum jackpot amount is now ranging by 2,000,000 to 3.5 million for every draw.

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Who can participate in the lottery? In the beginning, only residents from Canada were allowed to participate in the game. Nowadays, however, due to the introduction of online casinos websites the lottery game has been made accessible to everyone any part of the world since everyone can buy a lottery tickets online from lottery ticket stores. The lottery game online gives the possibility of checking the winnings results too. There is no limit on the age of the bettor. People who are 18 years old have the chance to win the lottery.